A contemporary German luxury brand

DAWID TOMASZEWSKI is a contemporary German luxury brand that combines innovative design with attention to detail and quality. His women's line and accessories are the epitome of the woman of the 21st century. The individual lines represent the strength and femininity that appreciate modern women. His clothes are experimental with an innovative design, for which he uses industrial and unconventional materials which he connects with an original cut, uncompromising fit and Avant-garde.

Who is...

Dawid Tomaszewski

Dawid Tomaszewski is a german-polish fashion designer in Berlin. He founded his brand in 2009 and has been an integral part of Berlin's fashion scene ever since. The designer gets his inspiration from art, architecture, travel, nature and music for his unique collections.


Discover DAWID TOMASZEWSKI at one of our showrooms in Munich and Dusseldorf.


The Supreme Group
Bretonischer Ring 18
D 85630 Grasbrunn


Kaiserwertherstraße 13
D 40474 Duesseldorf


We stand by our ethical practices and values, with an honest and transparent approach, we strive to achieve a positive impact on people, the planet and everyone around us, in every step of our production process.

We endeavor to create the most beautiful and desirable design with the least impact on our environment to ensure our products and employee safety throughout. 

Compared to fast-fashion, our fabrics are carefully chosen and put together with expertise, accuracy and love for detail. Resulting in higher quality, longer lasting and unique pieces just for you.