Blouse Dilara
Blouse Dilara

Blouse Dilara

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A classic summer shirt reinvented! Enjoy your summer travels with our Dilara shirt. By paying attention to detail, the narrow collar, is giving an elegant finishing touch to an otherwise comfortable, cotton shirt. If you need more space around the arms, we have created the option of changing it to your preference with 3 buttons to adjust the fit to match your style. Pair it with our white Military pants for a cobble stone walk, or a sequin skirt for a drinks night out.

- 100% Cotton

- Originally designed “Knotten” print based on the brand’s defining “Bauhaus” print.

- Three quarter sleeve with 3 buttons for adjustable fit

- Soft, round side slit at the bottom

- Narrow shirt collar

- Wide line for relaxed fit allover

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